IBE: Discovered a new species of gecko in Arabia

IBE: Discovered a new species of gecko in Arabia

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Spanish scientists researching on Oman's reptiles have discovered a new species of gecko. Found only in the Sharqiyah Sands, the new species has thus been named Stenodactylus sharqiyahensis. IBE researchers leaded by Salvador Carranza published a study on December 6 that demonstrates that Arabian short-fingered geckos of the genus Stenodactylus that live in Sharqiyah Sands are different from those in the rest of Arabia, and describes them as a new species.

With this new addition, Oman's list of reptiles has 90 different species, 13 of which are not found anywhere else in the world. "It is very interesting as this animal does not live anywhere else in the world but in Sharqiyah Sands in Oman, so another relevant animal that Omanis should be proud of," said Carranza.

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