A report about PRBB in BBC Arabic

A report about PRBB in BBC Arabic

News from PRBB

On April 19, the program "4 Tech" of BBC Arabic emitted a report of PRBB and the spin-off company qGenomics. A second episode filmed at the park is not scheduled yet. Last November 2013, the journalist Dalia Haidar from BBC Arabic visited the PRBB to film some technological highlights for her program "4 Tech". From a variety of topics from all the centres, she chose qGenomics and the OPT microscopy of James Sharpe.

"4 Tech" is BBC Arabic's flagship technology program watched by 33 million in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Gulf. The program has been airing on BBC Arabic since Oct 2010 and it has broadcasted more than 150 episodes, every Saturday at 1730 GMT. Each episode which is 25 minutes long repeats 6 times in the week that follows its origination.

Epsiode starts at Min. 11:30