CREAL: PHENOTYPE calls for input through Stakeholder Survey

CREAL: PHENOTYPE calls for input through Stakeholder Survey

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The scientific community is increasingly encouraged to connect with civil society and the policy domain, to optimise the benefit of research investment and ensuring practical application of obtained knowledge. Because the field of Natural Spaces Infrastructure is no exception, the PHENOTYPE project team intends to better understand the actual background and needs of professionals in these sciences. To this aim, professionals in natural space and infrastructure are invited to provide input through the online questionnaire addressing scientific knowledge transfer and collaborations between research and other professions.

PHENOTYPE ( is a FP7-funded project studying the positive health effects of outdoor populations from different regions of Europe. Fieldwork has been completed in Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom, and the project is expected to present first results early next year.

The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The information submitted by you will be strictly confidential, and only statistics of the survey will be published. Feel free to forward the survey to those in your network with relevant interest, the more entrees, the more benefit we may reap! Click here to access the survey directly, or refer to the PHENOTYPE website.

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