Open Call: Teaching Mentorship Programme DCEXS-UPF 2014-2015

Open Call: Teaching Mentorship Programme DCEXS-UPF 2014-2015

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The main objective of the Teaching Mentorship Programme (TMP) is to allow young post-doctoral researchers of the PRBB to get the basic knowledge and skills used in university teaching. This will enhance their working opportunities in academic institutions worldwide.

The mentees will be chosen after their applications to an open call performed by the DCEXS. Applications should be sent to the from the 19th of December to the 20th of January 2015, inclusive.

Mentees should be postdoctoral researchers who wish to gain experience on teaching by means of supervised hands-on work. Mentorship will connect the experience of the mentor with the needs of highly motivated mentees so that the latter will have intellectual guidance and supervision. The mentee has to be responsible for the assigned tasks and aware of their relevance for the university. The inclusion of the mentee in teaching tasks will be recognized with an official certificate issued by the UPF as "Academic Collaborator".

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