UPF: A research-intensive university

UPF: A research-intensive university

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Despite representing just 1% of the Spanish university system's teaching staff, UPF obtained 10% of all the funding with which the European Commission (EC) provided Spain's universities through its 7th Framework Programme (FP7). That statistic reflects "our research staff's high productivity levels compared to the average", according to Francesc Posas, vice-rector for Science Policy.

As the EC's main instrument for financing European research and development in the 2007-2013 period, FP7 "has been vitally important to UPF, because it has marked the beginning of our transition to a genuine research university, with results that have catapulted us into Europe's top division", states Àngel Lozano, vice-rector for Research.

In comparison to FP6, the EC's previous framework programme, UPF enjoyed a greater increase in funds for research activities than any other European university. The overall sum it obtained multiplied sixfold to stand at over €75 million, while the success rate of its applications for funding rose from 15% to 21%, with a total of 145 projects receiving financing.

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