CREAL: Working at night increases the risk of prostate cancer

CREAL: Working at night increases the risk of prostate cancer

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People who work for at least a year during the night have a higher risk (about 15%) for prostate cancer compared with people who have never worked at night. This risk increases the longer the duration of exposure, leading to increased risk to about 40% if the person has worked over 28 years in night shifts. The increased risk of prostate cancer associated with night work is also higher (up to 40%) for the most aggressive tumors with poor prognosis.

Researchers from CREAL, an ISGlobal allied center, focused on the study of chronotype, a concept related to circadian rhythms and adaptation to night work. They found that the risk is greater in workers with an evening chronotype (although they prefer to work night than morning), but the risk also increases for morning chronotypes if the duration of night work increases.

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