PRBB: The Managing Director of F1000Research will visit the PRBB to discuss about Open Science

PRBB: The Managing Director of F1000Research will visit the PRBB to discuss about Open Science

Her workshop will be next Tuesday May 19 at 10am at room Charles Darwin

Next Tuesday May 19, the Managing Director of F1000Research, Rebecca Lawrence, will give a talk and workshop at the PRBB entitled “Opening up scientific information - moving beyond Open Access”.

The talk will start at 10am at the Charles Darwin seminar room. Several issues around access to scientific information and how this has improved recently will be discussed, as well as issues that still need to be tackled, such as publication bias and reproducibility, amongst others. An open discussion about possible solutions will follow, as well as some examples of what is being done at Faculty of 1000. Coffee and pastries will be served and PhD students will have the opportunity to discuss further with her after the talk.

Students can register for the informal discussion here.

Anyone else interested in talking to Rebecca individually, please do send an email to Maruxa Martínez ( in order to arrange an agenda.

Summary of the seminar

A significant proportion of published research today is Open Access (OA), having come a long way since the launch of the first OA life science journals back in 2000. Although OA has helped to resolve many of the issues around broad access to new scientific developments, the traditional scientific publishing process is still problematic and has not kept pace with the digital revolution. Many would agree that the traditional anonymous prepublication peer review process can lead to many problems and often falls short of the primary purpose of this important validation step. Publishing new research can be inordinately slow despite the rise of tools to enable immediate publication, and it can be very hard to publish findings that are not of high impact, leading to a well established publication bias and slowing scientific progress.  The data underpinning new research are also often kept hidden, or included as supplemental files that are unusable and without the necessary information on how they were produced. This presentation will summarize major new initiatives in alternative forms of peer review and developments in open data, and highlight opportunities for the rapid and easy sharing of all findings, including negative and null results.

Short biography

Rebecca Lawrence was responsible for the launch of F1000Research in January 2013, a novel open science publishing platform that uses immediate publication, transparent peer review, and publishes all source data. She was also responsible for the launch of F1000Posters in June 2010, an open access repository of posters and slides across biology and medicine. She is an Advisory Board member of BioSharing, a registry of life science data repositories, standards and policies. She is also Co-Chair of several ORCID, CASRAI and Research Data Alliance (RDA) working groups on issues around data publishing and peer review, and is a member of the Publishing Committee for the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB).

She has worked in STM publishing for over 15 years, at Elsevier Life Sciences where she built and ran the Drug Discovery Group, and then as Editorial Director for Current BioData Ltd, a drug target intelligence service for the pharmaceutical industry. She originally trained and qualified as a pharmacist, and holds a PhD in cardiovascular pharmacology.