09/05/2016 - 12:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Development of the olfactory epithelium and neurogenesis within

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Lena Gunhaga

Early Development of the Peripheral Nervous System Group, Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine, Umeå University. Umeå, Sweden

Lena Gunhaga, from the Umeå Centre for Molecular Medicine in Sweden, is interested in the development of the peripheral nervous system (PNS), in particular, the signaling molecules involved in early specification and patterning of the olfactory epithelium Her research also aims to understand how progenitor cells differentiate into neurons within the olfactory epithelium, and how an epithelial-mesenchimal transition-like process (EMT)  allows specific neurons to leave the olfactory epithelium. She has been invited by Fernando Giráldez (UPF).