10/06/2013 - 12:00 - Sala Charles Darwin

Tips at the edge: regulation of microtubule dynamics at the cell cortex

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Anna Akhmanova

Cell Biology, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University. Utrecht, The Netherlands

Anna Akhmanova, from the Faculty of Science of the Utrecht University in Utrecht, The Netherlands, studies cytoskeletal organization and trafficking processes, which contribute to cell polarization, differentiation, vertebrate development and human disease. She is interested in understanding, at a systems level, how different aspects of cell architecture are coordinated, with a specific focus on the structure and function of microtubule plus-end tracking proteins and microtubule-based vesicle transport. In addition to cultured cells, her lab employs mouse knockout technologies and couples mouse genetic modification (such as GFP knock-in technology) to live tissue imaging. She has been invited by Rafael de la Torre (IMIM).