21/09/2012 - 09:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Satellite Workshop: “Modeling 3D-Structure of Chromosomes”


Miguel Beato (CRG), Luciano di Croce (CRG), Marc Martí-Renom (CNAG-PCB)

The genome undergoes several layers of compaction in order to be accommodated into the nucleus. At the most basic level, the DNA is assembled by wrapping 146 base pairs (that is, approximately 1.7 super-helical turns of the double helix) around a histone octamer to form the classic beads on a string nucleosomal fiber, which is further compacted to form the 30 nm chromatin fibre by interactions between nucleosomes and with linker histones. At this level of structure, a considerable amount is known about the effects of DNA methylation, histone modifications and chromatin remodeling on critical nuclear processes. Beyond this level of compaction, the chromatin fiber is folded and coiled eventually reaching the recognizable chromosomal form, a total compaction of 300,000 fold. Almost nothing is known about how such folding is controlled, but recent discoveries clearly indicate that this folding and compaction is non-random. The goal of the proposed workshop is to bring together leading investigators to discuss the critical topics of nuclear compartmentalization, higher-order chromosome organization, and 3D modeling of genomes.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Kerstin Bystricky, Chromatine et expression génique, Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire Eucaryote (LBME), Université de Toulouse, CNRS, Toulouse FR
  • Job Dekker, Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester (MA) US
  • Ralf Everaers, Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme, Dresden DE
  • Peter Fraser, Nuclear Dynamics and Function Laboratory, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge UK
  • Dieter Heermann, Statistical Physics and Theoretical Biophysics Group, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Heidelberg University, DE
  • Ernest Laue, Structural and molecular cell biology, Department of Biochemistry, School of the Biological Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Yolanda Markaki, LMU Biocenter, Department of Biology II, Anthropology and Human Genetics, Ludwig Maximilians University, Martinsried DE
  • Leonid Mirny, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (MA) US
  • Ana Pombo, Genome Function Group, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College School of Medicine, London UK
  • Mariliis Tark-Dam, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam, NL
  • Roel van Driel, Nuclear Organisation Group, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam, NL


Marie Curie meeting room
Dr. Aiguader 88
08003 Barcelona

Please register here. The registration deadline is 25 May. The accepted participants list will be published on 19 June. Accepted participants will be asked to pay a registration fee of 30 EUR.