28/11/2013 - 09:00 - Sala Marie Curie

"Unsuspected Flow Cytometry applications on biological analysis"


Ger Arkesteijn, Peter M. Lansdorp, Alexis Perez Gonzalez

CRG Core Facilities Technology Symposium

Next November 28, the CRG Core Facilities organise a Technology Symposium on Flow Cytometry at the Marie Curie seminar room (PRBB).

Flow cytometry has been an analytical research tool for a wide range of biological needs. Recently new technology advances started covering unsuspected biological fields. The Flow Cytometry Symposium counts with distinguished speakers focusing on the most advanced and highly relevant flow cytometry applications. The topics include, among others, the chromosome flow fluorescence in situ hybridization (CFF), which can possibly detect deletions, translocations and copy-number variations on specific chromosomes. We will also talk about nano-sized vesicle detection as a tool for better understanding the basic aspects of vesicle-mediated communication between cells. Finally, we will speak about the relevance of flow cytometer’s performance.

Check the schedule of the symposium and the abstracts of the talks.

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