CMRB: More light to go deeper in living cells

CMRB: More light to go deeper in living cells

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This study led by two Catalan Institutions (Center of Regenerative Medicine, CMR[B]; and Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, IBEC), provides proof-of-principle for using an innovative new technique to activate cells located deep within tissues in vivo, without causing any damage to the organism. This work, led by Ángel Raya (ICREA Research Professor at the CMR[B]) and Dobryna Zalvidea (senior researcher at IBEC), has stipulated and confirmed for the first time, both theoretically and experimentally, that three-photon illumination represents an efficient and non-invasive solution for the activation of proteins in deep tissues.

This conceptual and methodological advance, which was demonstrated in the heart of the zebrafish, allows for a noninvasive genetic manipulation in vivo with spatial, temporal and cell-type specificity. It can be extended to other tissues and animal models as well as for activating, with time and space resolution, the expression of different proteins that can provide long-term control of individual or multiple cell behavior in vivo. Consequently, it may have wide applicability in experimental biology, being a great opportunity for the future research in biomedicine.

“In addition to being able to see deeper within tissues or embryos, we now demonstrate that we can control cell behavior as well. This will enable scientists to perform experiments (such as the one we carried out in this study) that were previously not possible simply because we did not reach the cells”, underlines Ángel Raya.

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Reference work:
Isil Tekeli, Isabelle Aujard, Xavier Trepat, Ludovic Jullien, Ángel Raya, Dobryna Zalvidea (2016). Long-term in vivo single-cell lineage tracing of deep structures using three-photon activation. Light: Science & Applications