CRG: Science with an artistic vision in Barcelona

CRG: Science with an artistic vision in Barcelona

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The main goal of the exhibition is to share with the general public not only the knowledge that is generated at the centre, but also to highlight the connection between science and art, two disciplines that share methods based on experimentation and which pursue the transmission of knowledge.

The exhibition offers us the opportunity to actively reflect on this curious binomial. Science and art are two aspects of human creativity seemingly separated and unconnected to each other. But they subtly interact more often than we imagine.

As part of the exhibition, the CRG shares an app so visitors can also “play” with the images using the app CRG Memory Game, with touchscreen tablets. The app is based on the classic matching pairs game and uses images from the exhibition. After the game, the users can access a description of each of the photos they have been playing with.

The exhibition will open to the public on November 3rd at 7.30 pm in Centre Civic Urgell, in Barcelona, and will remain open until November 24th.

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