CRG: The Blueprint project celebrates major manuscript release

CRG: The Blueprint project celebrates major manuscript release

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A collection of 42 coordinated papers now published by scientists from across the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) takes global research in the field of epigenomics a major step forward. A set of 24 manuscripts has been released as a package in Cell and Cell Press-associated journals, and an additional 17 papers have been published in other high-impact journals. These papers represent the most recent work of IHEC member projects from Canada, the European Union, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. 

“All these results in the framework of the Blueprint project and the International Human Epigenome Consortium definitively contribute to fill the gaps we still have from genomic data. We have made a lot of progress since we started analyzing the first human genome but there still are many questions to solve. Blueprint will now offer amazing data related to cellular mechanisms, which may be linked to many human diseases”, said Professor Roderic Guigó, group leader at the CRG and one of the principal investigators of the EU-funded BLUEPRINT project.

Key research findings presented in the collection can be collated into four broad categories with a first group of papers presenting a series of molecular and computational approaches to deconvolute distinct epigenomic signatures from tissues that contain a mix of different cell types. Researchers at the CRG led by Roderic Guigó contributed to one of the papers in this group. In particular, they participated in a paper aimed at mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in three different cell types from the immune system. CRG researchers used a method which was developed by Guigó and collaborators to identify QTLs in epigenetics and in a particular process called splicing. Their results contribute to get an expansive, high-resolution atlas of multi-omics changes in 

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