CRG: Worldwide scientists share technologies, resources, and results towards precision medicine in Barcelona

CRG: Worldwide scientists share technologies, resources, and results towards precision medicine in Barcelona

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On 20th, 21st, and 22nd September, the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) will hold its 16th Annual Symposium, which will bring together world-leading researchers to share and discuss about the progress in sequencing and other technologies for biomolecular analysis, and their applications in research and clinical settings.

Genomics research is key to foster new scientific and medical advances. Researchers using new technologies as well as other available resources and tools for biomolecular analysis are exploring innovative approaches that will be helpful to prevent and treat cancer, common diseases, and rare diseases. Now, the 16th CRG Annual Symposium, which this year is joint with the 7th International Workshop on Genomic Epidemiology, will gather together outstanding researchers worldwide to share and discuss their latest advances on this topic.

The conference will tackle from solutions for the accumulation, handling and interpretation of huge data sets, to new understanding of gene networks and epigenomic phenomena in health and disease, including the identification of rare and common genetic variants associated with disease, pharmacogenomics, or gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. This event will foster interactions among senior and younger scientists through plenary sessions, short talks selected from abstracts and poster sessions. It will provide opportunities to establish new collaborations, and to discuss progress and future challenges at the cutting edge of precision medicine.

In conclusion, this meeting will be an example of how a combination of new technologies, resources and innovative fundamental research can lead into new approaches for medical application. Once again, Barcelona will be the main focus of genomic research at a very high international level. The CRG annual symposium highlights the contribution of the biomedical scientific pool existing in Barcelona and strengthens networking and collaboration amongst local and international research groups.

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