CREAL: Maternal diet could be linked with low birth weight

CREAL: Maternal diet could be linked with low birth weight

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CREAL researchers have observed that maternal diet was associated with dioxin-like activity in maternal blood during pregnancy and this prenatal exposure might lead to reduced birth weight. Dioxins are found in extremely low concentrations in the environment but are very toxic. Even so the authors remark that more studies are needed to develop updated dietary guidelines for women of reproductive age, aiming to the reduction of dietary exposure to persistent organic pollutants as dioxins and dioxin-like compounds.

Dr Manolis Kogevinas, codirector of CREAL, an ISGlobal research centre, adds that “the mothers who consumed foods with high levels of dioxins had, on average, babies that were around 120g smaller than those consuming foods with low dioxin levels”.

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