21/09/2016 - 12:00 - Auditori PRBB

5th DCEXS Symposium on Quantitative Biology


Ruth Baker, Buzz Baum, Suzanne Eaton, Michael Elowitz, Galit Lahav, David Sprinzak, Ala Trusina,

A systems level approach to life

This year the Symposium is devoted to the emerging field of systems biology, whose goal is to understand living cells and organisms as a whole, using an interdisciplinary combination of theory, numerical simulations, and detailed quantitative measurements of biological processes. The symposium will also serve as the closing event of the 2016 International Conference on Systems Biology, organized this year in Barcelona by UPF and CRG (

The symposium is open to everybody interested in biomedical research, and there are no registration fees.

However, the number of places available is limited, so you are kindly asked to register. 

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