11/07/2017 - 13:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Antibody mixtures as cancer therapeutics

Sesiones científicas

Thomas Tuxen Poulsen

Symphogen A/S

Brief Information about Symphogen:

Symphogen is a clinical-stage antibody oncology-focused company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Symphogen is leading the field of recombinant antibody mixtures for therapeutic use with the vision to develop superior antibody mixture therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with significant unmet medical needs.

Our pipeline of differentiated and novel mAb mixture products is uniquely designed to address tumor diversity and resistance by combining multiple antibodies in a single drug product while addressing today's need for precision medicine.

We think in "symphonies" of antibodies. Much as a symphony requires the sounds of multiple instruments to achieve a symphonic impression, Symphogen begins with the notion that only a multi-factorial approach can achieve solutions that mimic the successful mechanisms Mother Nature has brought to bear to fight disease. From the conception of a project idea to the generation of a mAb mixture product ready to enter human clinical trials, we strive to understand the multiple biological challenges of a disease and to carefully select and optimize just the optimal mAb mixture product for complex therapeutic situations.