25/03/2013 - 12:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Transcriptional control of embryonic myogenesis

Sesiones científicas, PRBB CRG Conferences

Jaime Carvajal

Gene Regulation and Morphogenesis, Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo, Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Sevilla, Spain

Jaime Carvajal, from the Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo (CABD) in Sevilla, Spain, is trying to unravel the mechanisms by which a cell adopts the correct fate in response to its local environment. He focuses on skeletal muscle to study cellular commitment, differentiation and organogenesis during both embryogenesis and regeneration and repair in the adult. His projects include an in-depth study of the molecular biology of craniofacial muscle development in mammals, the analysis of the transcriptional regulation of the Mrf4/Myf5 locus, responsible for the skeletal myogenesis initiation, and the study of a novel mechanism for regulating complex loci. He has been invited by Pura Muñoz (UPF).