CRG: Fátima Gebauer and Ben Lehner elected EMBO Members

CRG: Fátima Gebauer and Ben Lehner elected EMBO Members

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“Election to the EMBO Membership is recognition of research excellence, and I am pleased to welcome so many great scientists to our organisation,” said EMBO Director Maria Leptin. “We received more nominations than ever before during this election cycle, which pays tribute to the strength and diversity of the European life sciences. Drawing on our new members’ expertise and insight will be invaluable in helping EMBO to deliver and strengthen its programmes and activities in the years to come,” she continued.

The total number includes 56 EMBO Members residing in 19 Member States of the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC) and nine EMBO Associate Members currently working in the USA and Japan. 40% of the elected researchers are women.

The election of Fatima Gebauer and Ben Lehner emphasizes the research excellence at the CRG as well as the scientific merit of its faculty. Ten CRG group leaders are EMBO Members, which represent one-third of the CRG group leaders. In Spain, apart from CRG group leaders Fátima Gebauer and Ben Lehner, the newly elected members are Núria López-Bigas at the IRB Barcelona and Inañi Ruiz-Trillo at IBE, all of them in Barcelona.

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