DCEXS-UPF: Eight doctoral students from the PhD Programme in Biomedicine receive the Doctoral School PhD Special Award

DCEXS-UPF: Eight doctoral students from the PhD Programme in Biomedicine receive the Doctoral School PhD Special Award

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The PhD Programme in Biomedicine run by the DCEXS currently enrols 428 doctoral students. During the 2016-2017 academic year, a total of 106 PhD theses were read and their corresponding examination committees put 32 of them forward to compete for the PhD Special Awards. The awards ceremony will take place during the 2019 UPF Graduation Ceremony for master's and doctoral degree students.

The Steering Committee of the Doctoral School of UPF has accepted the proposal by the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme in Biomedicine to grant the awards to the following candidates:

Mónica Marcela Ávila Pacheco, for her thesis entitled “Comparative Effectiveness Research on Localized Prostate Cancer Treatments”, supervised by Montserrat Ferrer and Jordi Alonso from the Hospital del Mar Research Institute (IMIM).

Marina Bosque-Prous, for her thesis entitled “Alcohol consumption in people aged 50 or older in Europe”, supervised by Albert Espelt and Maria Teresa Brugal from the Agency of Public Health of Barcelona.

Alessandra Breschi, for her thesis entitled “Gene expression variation and constraint across organs and species”, directed by Roderic Guigó from the Centre for Genomic Regulation.

Alba Chacon Cabrera, for her thesis “Molecular alterations in muscle wasting and cachexia: therapeutic approaches in animal models”, supervised by Esther Barreiro from the Hospital del Mar Research Institute.

Oriol Dols Icardo, for his thesis entitled “Assessing the genetic overlap in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia”, supervised by Jordi Clarimón from the Sant Pau Institute of Biomedical Research.

Mayukh Mondal, for his thesis entitled “New insights into human migration, demography and adaptation of Indian and South Asian populations from genome analyses”, supervised by Jaume Bertranpetit and Ferran Casals from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Natalie Mueller, for her thesis “Health impact assessment of urban and transport planning policies”, directed by Mark Nieuwenhuijsen and David Rojas Rueda from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.

Jorge Ruiz Orera, for his thesis “Understanding the mechanisms of de novo gene evolution using transcriptomics data”, supervised by Mar Albà from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute.

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