IMIM: Anna Bigas chosen a member of EMBO

IMIM: Anna Bigas chosen a member of EMBO

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The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) has chosen 106 excelling researchers in the field of life sciences as new members of this prestigious organisation. Among these new members is Dr. Anna Bigas, the coordinator of the research group on stem cells and cancer at IMIM, and the only Spanish researcher chosen at this edition.

This year’s edition has welcomed the largest number of researchers to celebrate the organization’s 50th anniversary. Out of the 106 scientists chosen, one hundred of them live in Europe and neighbour countries and six of them are associate members from China, Japan and the US. The EMBO currently has more than 1,600 scientists working in the field of life sciences, all of who have been chosen for their exceptional contributions to this field of science.

“EMBO is tantamount to excellence in life sciences and for me, being chosen as one of its member is a great honour and a recognition to my research work and to the people who have worked with me during these years. The organisation chooses its members through the votes of the EMBO scientists and this makes this recognition even more special for me”, says the scientist.

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