Jornades de Portes Obertes 2019

Open Day 2019

Saturday, October 5,  2019 - ONLY IN THE MORNING!

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, in its 12th edition, will open our doors to the public on the 5th of October. PRBB scientists and staff will explain what we do, how we do it and where we do it. We will play with science, talk about the projects we work on, show you our laboratories as well as the equipment that we use and walk through the building. 

We propose you to spend the day having fun with science and getting to know a large infrastructure of the city and those who work in it.

And everything for free and for the whole family.

Programme 2019

Do not miss it!

With the support of:

Fundación Española para la ciencia y la tecnología - Red de unidades de cultura científica y de la innovación


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Photo gallery from the 2018 edition
Photos from previous years

Programmes from previous editions (in Catalan):

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Guided tours of the building: from 9'30am to 2'30pm

Do you know the PRBB building from within?

We open the building and invite you to follow us and to get to know our facilities: laboratories, equipment and services. PRBB researchers will show you what they do and where they do it, and will tell you about their jobs. Limited places

opens on Sept. 25 in our Eventbrite profile.

Visit duration: 1 hour
Groups of 15 people
Ages: From 8 years old. Accompanied children between 8 and 12 will be able to make a guided tour appropriate to their age.

For children between 3 and 8 we offer a space where they can participate in directed scientific activities while their parents enjoy the guided tour. More information on the section Childrens’ space and Youth space.

Visites guiades 2

Childrens’ space

In order to help parents with children from 3 to 8 years old who want to attend the guided visits and/or the conferences, we offer a safe space where children can do targeted activities appropriate to their age.

A space with games and activities for children!

Download space regulations (in Catalan).

Espai dels nens

Experiments and activities: from 10 am to 2.30 pm

Discover, experience, play in our Experiments zone... you'll have fun doing science!

To conduct the activities and experiments in the square, you do not need prior registration.

Open Day Experiments

Scientific talks: from 11 am to 2 pm

There will be 45 minute talks in Ramón y Cajal, Marie Curie and Charles Darwin rooms, both in Catalan and Spanish. PRBB researchers will discuss different topics. Do not settle for less and ask the scientists directly!

11.00h - Terapia con células madre: posible cura para enfermedades degenerativas. Martina Pesaresi, CRG.
11.30h - Els malèfics super-poders de les cèl·lules metastàtiques. Antoni Celià Terrassa, IMIM.
12.00h - BioBigData. Què és i per a què pot servir? Malaltia humana i envelliment. Arcadi Navarro, IBE (CSIC-UPF).
12.30h - El soroll provoca problemes de salut? Maria Foraster, IsGlobal.
13.00h - Aprender y recordar: la memoria versus el Alzhéimer. Paco Muñoz, DCEXS-UPF.

Limited places. No previous registration required.

Open Day Converses científiques

Other activities from 10am to 2.30pm

Virtual Science: immerse yourself in the microscopic world
Advanced microscopy techniques allow us to reconstruct 3D images of tiny organisms and embryos of various animal species. Put on the virtual reality glasses and discover what animals are like when they have not left the egg.

Measure your cardiovascular health
Do you have healthy habits? You keep in shape? Do you follow a Mediterranean diet? We will calculate your risk of suffering from coronary heart disease in the next 10 years and what you can do to prevent it.

Get out the tongue: the oral microbiome game
Stick out your tongue is a card game co-created by scientists and non-scientists. The objective is to understand the relationship between the microorganisms of the mouth that live in symbiosis with us, and the life habits of people. Come to play some rounds: you will want to keep your balance to take care of your microbiota and have good oral health!

Who does science?
Do you know the name of many famous scientists? And of scientists? Science is made by curious and observant people, regardless of gender, but there are many biases that start at an early age and that we continue to have when we grow up, sometimes without even realizing it. Come discover if you have an implicit gender bias or not and let your children discover who really does the science!

Open Day Altres activitats