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We connect science and diversity in a unique creative space

The Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) is an inspiring environment for life sciences and biomedical research.

This large scientific hub brings together several research centres and a critical mass of researchers in various fields. Its international community of residents can access a range of cutting-edge scientific and technical services, all under one roof, and it is also connected to Hospital del Mar, a university hospital.

With the intention of providing the best possible environment for biomedical research of excellence, we address the needs and challenges of the centres. The PRBB has been committed to its scientific community since 2006, when it was inaugurated by its promoters the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

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Leading institutes in their field. In Spain and beyond.

The independent research centres located at the PRBB form an inter-institutional coalition that is interconnected via shared spaces within a single building. They are dedicated to research in the field of life sciences, human health and biomedicine. Taken together, the joint budget for the organisations tops 100 million euros per year.

Three PRBB centres (CRG, ISGlobal and MELIS-UPF) are members of SOMMa, the Alliance of Severo Ochoa Centres and María de Maeztu Units for promoting excellence in research and improving its social impact at both the national and international level.

We generate and transfer to society the knowledge derived from research in health and life sciences through higher education.

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We want to understand the complexity of life: from the genome to the cell, to a whole organism and its interaction with the environment, offering an integrated view of genetic diseases.

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Our goal is to improve global health and promote health equity through excellence in research, and the translation and application of knowledge.

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We work to understand the evolutionary mechanisms that generate biodiversity and to promote its conservation.

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Scientists at EMBL Barcelona explore how tissues and organs function and develop, in health and disease.

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We are dedicated to the development, production and marketing of PET radiopharmaceuticals.


A critical mass of 1,700 people from 70 different countries work in the park

The almost 1,700 residents (60% women and 40% men) of the research centres at the park include 498 foreigners (32%) from 70 different countries.

Looking at different categories, the park has about 752 researchers: 283 PhDs, 248 Postdocs and 221 principal investigators (PIs). The support staff is grouped into 562 technicians, 244 people from administration and 137 others (Demographic data from December 2023).

PRBB Demography 2023 (PDF in Catalan)




We provide an outstanding environment for biomedical research of excellence

The PRBB Consortium manages and maintains the park's assets and facilities; it also operates the animal facility as a scientific service. The centres rent out space according to surface area and type, and also pay for various park services. The PRBB receives no structural subsidies.

The Governing Council of the PRBB Consortium includes representatives from the Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council and Pompeu Fabra University, and is chaired by the member of the Executive Council responsible for research. The PRBB Consortium is headed up by the General Director, Jordi Camí, and the Head of Administration, Jordi Medrano.

Our values are: Flexibility, Empathy, Efficiency, Collaboration and Commitment to the environment.

The team

Jordi Camí
General director
Esther Román
Jordi Medrano
Head of Administration
Imma Ferrer

Oliver Blanco
Juan Carlos Inglés
Jordi Puig
Cristina Sampedro
Antoni Santos
Georgina Toll Garcia

Animal Facility
Joan Antoni Fernández
Laura Aranda
Laura Llobell
Josep Moreno
Marina Peñafiel
Begoña Peñalba
Ester Sahagun
Joseane Willamil Dos Santos

Financial Services
Eva Puertas
Marta Casanovas
Eva Urbano

Human Resources
Lourdes Luque

Legal Services
Ester Castellnou
Imma Ferrer
Abdennassar Joueid

Reimund Fickert
Inés Fuentes
Maruxa Martínez

Institutional Relations and Outreach
Mònica Rodríguez
Albert Català
Maxim Gluschenko
Amalia González
Maria del Carme Hernández

Programa Intervals
Eroteida Jiménez

Reports and testimonials


Lucas Carey

Center for Quantitative Biology at Peking University in Beijing

This is an awesome place to do science and to live. And happy scientists are creative & successful scientists.

Joaquín de Navascués

Cardiff University, UK

Visiting @jgojalvo in his “penthouse” @the_prbb to discuss TF dimerisation and fate transitions. Amazing views and such a great energy about the place!

Aging2.0 Barcelona

Aging2.0 Barcelona,

Thanks to @the_prbb for the amazing facilities for the #barcelona #A2GSS event. This place inspired innovation.

Hyun Youk

Delft University of Technology

Came back from a visit to @the_prbb - Great discussions, enthusiastic students, insightful sysBio, all right *on* the beach!!

Brian G. Smith

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA

Ethnically diverse research teams are more successful than non-diverse teams" - Enjoyed a visit to @the_prbb in Barcelona where they walk the diversity talk. @ReimundFickert Thanks for hosting us! #BoilerUpBarcelona @LifeAtPurdue @LambSchool #PurdueCLAabroad

Dario Riccardo Valenzano

Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Cologne, Germany

Amazing day at the PRBB in Barcelona. Thank you so much @ArcadiNavarro for the generous invitation and for the great discussions. Always great to see @nstroustrup1 and discuss with students. Who conceived this place was a visionary genius.

Darren Logan

Waltham Science Institute, Leicestershire, UK

Looking forward to another inspiring #EMBOYIP meeting today, this time in sunny Barcelona at @the_prbb.

Maria Bernabeu

Group Leader at EMBL-Barcelona

The perks of working at @the_prbb on a sunday summer evening. Next time I will follow @CarmenMoccia0 advice and go to the beach before

Fernando T. Maestre

Very interesting post-doc opportunity. And working at @the_prbb, one of the most amazing buildings/places to do science in Europe (and maybe worldwide), is certainly a plus

Transparency portal

Transparency portal

As a public entity, the PRBB transparency portal provides access to information on our activities and the obligations for the good governance of the PRBB Consortium (see also Law 19/2013 of 9th December on transparency, access to public information and good governance, in Spanish).

Internal Alert System

Internal Alert System, SIA

The Internal Alert System for Regulatory Infringements and Conduct Contrary to Public Integrity of the Administration of the Government of Catalonia is the mechanism for reporting possible regulatory infringements or breaches of integrity allegedly committed by the bodies of the Consortium or by the people who provide services.

Building and surroundings

A seductive research building

The PRBB grabs your attention because of its beauty and incomparable location next to the sea. It has an aesthetic appeal that inspires and stimulates scientific activity.

The Catalan architects Manel Brullet and Albert de Pineda designed a scientific hub where researchers can come together, establish links and communicate with each other in a flexible, alveolar structure. Despite the technological complexity of the building, it introduces a new approach to austerity. The main construction materials used are wood, steel, concrete and glass. This is offset by the richness of the space and its urbanistic sensation of volume. In fact, the PRBB, at 55,000 m2, is one of the largest buildings in Barcelona and its surface area is equivalent to an entire block in the Eixample.

The PRBB was inaugurated in 2006 and is currently occupied to capacity. 

The surroundings of the PRBB are characterised by a proliferation of unique buildings: the two large towers of the Olympic Village (Torre Mapfre and Hotel Arts), the Natural Gas building, a small block of houses, the Hospital del Mar monoblock tower, the fish sculpture of Frank Gehry and a sports centre.

Physically, the PRBB building (research) is connected to the university Mar Campus (teaching) and Hospital del Mar (healthcare).

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